Puppies under 6 months require their first set of DHPP; two sets are recommended.

Dogs and puppies over 6 months require current DHPP and rabies; bordetella (kennel cough) recommended.

Proof of vaccinations by a certified vet. Canine Addiction cannot accept self administered shots.


What to Bring:

Have a lot of very high value treats such as hotdogs, cheese, or chicken. If you do not feed your dog people food use a very strong-smelling treat such as a fish scent

Whatever you think you need for treats, double it.

Bring some of your dog’s favorite toys to use as a reward.


For any Program:

A standard 6-foot leash and flat collar or harness are required. Retractable leashes, prong and choke collars are not allowed.

Safety will be a key component of the class. Please ensure you follow the trainer’s instructions. Any student that shows disorderly behaviour or lack of safety for their dog or others may be asked to leave class without a refund.

Dogs will be kept on leash and 6 feet apart unless specifically told otherwise. Many dogs are very excited and/or timid when they first come in and therefore dog socialization is discouraged. This helps reinforce focus on the handler and not the environment.

Training can be a family affair. If bringing children under 12 years old, please ensure they can stay quiet and seated while not working with their dog. Visiting other dogs and walking/running can be dangerous and is not permitted. If the child is struggling with the dog, the parent is required to take over. Currently, due to COVID-19 restrictions, only one person per dog may attend class at a time.  

Please have your mobile phone on silent mode and take any calls outside of the training area.



Any missed classes on the part of the student will not be refunded.

In the unforeseen event the trainer needs to cancel a class, students will receive an email and a phone call as soon as possible, and a make up session or refund will be given.



As a client, I understand there are certain inherent risks of canine-related activities and agree that Canine Addiction, their employees, and volunteers shall not be held liable for claims, damages, or costs for injury to any animal or person or property as a result of the behavior or handling of my pet.

I confirm my dog(s) will have all current vaccinations two weeks before expected start date of any Canine Addiction services.

I agree that my dog(s) is not currently showing any signs of illness such as coughing, running eyes and nose, runny stools, or have shown rapid weight gain or weight loss, and are not currently under veterinary supervision. I agree to inform in detail any concerns I may have regarding the current health status of my dog(s). I understand failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion from any program at Canine Addiction without a refund.

I acknowledge Canine Addiction will offer training suggestions based on the most current science based research in dog training and dog learning theory. I understand one training class or private session with Canine Addiction will not result in an instantly trained pet and ongoing training and commitment from the owner(s) is required.

I hereby confirm that my dog has no previously known bite history. I understand any false representation of my dogs bite history may result in immediate expulsion from any program at Canine Addiction with no refund.

If minors will be present during classes, I confirm I am the parent or legal guardian and have signed and acknowledged this waiver on their behalf.

I do hereby agree that myself and my pet may be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes on social networks only.

I have been given the opportunity to read and understand the terms of this Waiver. I understand this Waiver restricts my legal rights and acknowledge (and sign at registration) this agreement voluntarily.