At Facility Private Training


Private training is a great way to focus in on specific areas of your dogs training that you would like to see improve.

We hit the ground running and in your first session we will discuss your concerns, show you how to address the behaviour(s) in question, and have you practice with us to make sure you are confident you are able to practice at home to set your dog up for success. If after your first session you decide you would like to continue with private training sessions, discounted private training packages are available.


1/2 Hour Session

  • ideal for dogs that need a little help with manners and great for common puppy issues such as nipping, jumping, and potty training

1 Hour Session

  • suggested for basic obedience, mild reactivity, and loose leash walking. Option to walk in adjacent neighbourhood

3 Hour Package

  • suggested for impulse control, resource guarding and mild fear or aggression issues

5 Hour Package

  • suggested for dogs showing destructive behaviours, fear, or aggression that will require a structured program over several sessions

Each private training package includes: a custom training plan for you and your dog, on-going support between and after sessions, and training that fits into your schedule.

Please Note: at facility training packages can be split into 1 hour and 1/2 hour sessions. All packages are non-refundable and expire after 6 months.

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At Home Private Training

We Come to You

  • In home private training is a great way to address unwanted behaviours in the environment where the behaviour is most likely taking place.
  • Private training is also a great option for timid, fearful, and easily excitable dogs to build skills in a comfortable environment before progressing to brother situations.




Follow Up Session (1/2 Hour)

  • Have you been working on the homework the trainer gave you but you just want a little refresher?
  • Available for customers who have previously completed a 1 hour in home appointment or have booked an in home package.


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