A premium daycare facility.



What makes us different?

The Facility: large open concept indoor space with outdoor grass play area, no concrete.

The Experience: dogs enjoy enrichment through scientifically proven force free methods.

The Staff: attendants are pet first aid certified and working towards a career in dogs.

The Cleanliness: tireless cleaning provides a safe space for your dog to make new friends.

Supervised Daycare.





Meet & Greet Assessment - 4 hours

$2000one time fee
  • Leave your dog with our experienced attendants while we introduce your dog to their new best friends
  • All you need to bring is your dog’s leash and collar, we’ll handle the rest

Did your dog pass their assessment? Great!

Now you’re ready to book a daycare day.

Puppies Welcome!

Register for your Assessment Here


Daycare Rates


  • 1 day/wk
  • ~ $168 monthly


  • 2 days/wk
  • ~ $328 monthly


  • 3 days/week
  • ~$480 monthly


  • 4 days/week
  • ~ $616 monthly


  • 5 days/week
  • ~$730 monthly

Multi-dog households that attend on the same day receive a 15% discount on the second dog. For more than two dogs please contact us.

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What does a day of daycare look like?

Morning Drop Off: 6:30 am to 9 am

Evening Pick Up: 4 pm to 6pm

You are always able to pick your dog up outside of pick up times. Just give us a call and we’ll get them ready for you as we keep the front doors locked during the day.

We are a structured daycare and try to stick to our daily schedule as much as possible. We firmly believe that having a consistent routine creates a happier dog and the most effective way to create a stress free daycare.

Our daycare acts as a second home for many of our dogs and any dog that shows signs of over excitement or stranger danger at drop off or pick up time may be put in a crate or kept away from the entrance to help keep them calm and happy.

*If a dog has been absent from daycare for more than 3 consecutive months, a reassessment may be required.


Not Just Daycare

Add some personalized training to your pups day to keep them refreshed and mentally challenged!

$15 for 15 minutes 

Your dog will get 3 individualized training sessions throughout the day to work on basic commands, impulse control, and door barging/jumping.

We like to have fun throughout the year

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Theme Weeks

Holiday Photos


No Drop-Ins. Scheduled Daycare Only!


  • Proof of vaccinations (DAPP, bordetella, and rabies)
  • Must be fixed over 9 months of age
  • Pass their meet and greet assessment
  • Pass their one month trial period

Puppies are welcome to attend daycare. We make sure our puppies get:

  • playtime with other puppies
  • multiple potty breaks
  • lunchtime with the food they come in with
  • ample rest time for their growing bodies
  • require all vaccinations (DAPP, bordetella, and rabies)

Owners commit to a minimum of one regularly scheduled day of dog daycare per week. Registering your dog for a consistent day of the week enables them to make permanent puppy friends, the dogs are more content with a consistent routine, and the staff get to know your dog. Once your dog is registered, monthly withdrawals are made from your account. Important: You are paying for your day for the entire month. If your dog does not attend daycare on your scheduled day, your spot will not be taken by another dog, but you will still be charged for the day as a no show.